Stillwater Estate & Business Planning

Law Office located in Stillwater Minnesota

Stillwater Estate & Business Planning is a Stillwater, Minnesota law firm serving individuals and small businesses with estate planning and business planning. Our goal is to form long lasting relationships with these clients, to understand their personal needs and business, and help them with planning that helps them meet these objectives.


Cameron Kelly is passionate about planning. Each estate plan is an opportunity to discuss specific issues that are important to the client and their family. There is no “one size fits all” estate plan. The firm’s entire estate planning process is designed to make sure your estate plan meets your current needs, future needs, and the needs of your family. For one family that discussion might center around tax issues, while for another it may focus on providing for a spouse and minor children. Whatever those needs are, they are important to you, and they will be at the center of your estate plan.


A similar approach is taken to business planning. For example, the needs for a single-member LLC are often much different than the needs that arise for a multiple-member LLC. Cameron helps his clients identify their needs, makes recommendations, and works with the client to put a plan in place for implementation.


Situated in the Stillwater, Minnesota, the firm provides for clients in Washington County and the St. Croix River Valley, as well as the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. If you or your business is in need of advice, contact us for a free consultation.