Cameron Kelly and Stillwater Estate & Business Planning on Voices in the Valley

Featured Guest on Voices in the Valley, How to Capture your Family Stories and Preserve your Family Legacy, Sharing Experiences Collecting and Writing Family History.  Saturday, May 28, 2016. 


A big thank you to Stephani Atkins, creator and host of Voices in the Valley, a relatively new radio show relating to storytelling, which is already attracting a big following.  She asked me to come on the show this week to share a collection of stories and history from members of my family.


A picture of Cameron and his daughter Linden at the KLBB Studio.


The Voices is inter-generational, but has a strong focus on student contributions to literature.  It airs on KLBB Radio, 1220 AM, Saturday mornings at 10:00.  I listened to the show for the first time a few weeks ago, and was very impressed.  The production and personalities are professional and fun to listen to, and the students are so poised talking about their writing.  The purpose of the show is to support the student efforts and to inspire more.


From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, Voices is featuring topics relating to family history. This week I got to talk with Stephani about my family, and the ways that we have preserved our family history, including an oral history that my aunt and I took of my Grandma Arlene.  We sat down with her after she was diagnosed with dementia in order to make sure we didn’t lose all of her great memories.


When she passed away, what started as a long, raw, recording with a lot of pauses, page flipping and laughing turned into a family treasure. For her funeral, I put together a collection of pictures, and used them to create a video with music playing in the background.  While it played, Grandma’s voice narrated a number of the pictures.  I feel lucky to still have her voice, but with just a few month’s delay we might never have had it.


In addition to the oral history, I talk with Stephani about my Grandpa Richard’s Memories book, and a collection of his sayings called “Richardisms,” compiled by myself and my cousins as children, which we then illustrated and made into a book for his 70th birthday.



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