Estate Planning Questionnaire

Thank your for considering my firm for your estate planning.  You will find a link to my Estate Planning Design Worksheet below.  Once you have had a chance to take a look it would be helpful to schedule an initial meeting.  Estate planning is something that many people, understandably, put off, so setting a meeting helps to keep the process moving.


During our meeting, we will discuss your estate planning goals and discuss strategies to achieve your objectives.  To ensure that your consultation is meaningful, please complete the attached Estate Planning Design Worksheet.  Part I asks for your personal information.  Part II asks for information about your assets and liabilities.  Please complete Parts I and II of the worksheet in as much detail as possible, and either bring it to our meeting or send it to me before the scheduled meeting.  If you are not sure about exact figures or information, your best estimate is sufficient for our initial consultation.


Parts I and II provide a comprehensive picture of your personal and financial situation.  Without this information, my ability to advise you is compromised.  If I receive this information ahead of time, we will be able to focus more of our consultation time on your substantive questions and concerns.


Part III of the worksheet is the design information.  There is no need to fill it out prior to the meeting.  Instead, we will fill out this part of the worksheet as we design your estate plan, but I have included Part III to give you an idea of the topics we will be discussing.


You have already taken the first step toward achieving your personal estate planning goals.  Now, make the most of your consultation by returning your completed Estate Planning Design Worksheet.  I look forward to meeting with you.


If you have any questions about the Estate Planning Design Worksheet or anything else, please call my office at (651) 705-6277.


Please select the questionnaire below that pertains to you.