Real Estate

Real Estate

Whether an individual or a business, almost all of the firm’s clients have purchased, sold, or leased real estate.   Many of them will need a real estate lawyer.  Cameron Kelly is certifies by the Minnesota State Bar Association as a Real Property Specialist.  Fewer than 3% of attorneys in Minnesota have earned the specialist designation in their field.  For more about Real Property Specialists, click here.

If you are buying or selling, there are many considerations.  Even if you buy and sell property frequently, a sale can be difficult for clients to handle on their own.  For example:

  • Does your purchase agreement contain all of the necessary contingencies?
  • Does my spouse need to sign the agreement?
  • Have you make the proper disclosures?
  • Is it advisable to obtain a survey of the property?
  • Is the property correctly described?
  • Is title to the property marketable?
  • Is the property part of a homeowners association?
  • Who will handle the closing?

Similar questions exist for leasing.  For example:

  • Who is responsible for utilities?
  • Who is responsible for upkeep and repairs to the property?
  • Does the landlord have to approve my business signage?
  • Do I have the right to renew the lease, and under what terms?

Cameron’s experience with real property transactions will help you navigate these questions.

Another issue frequently discussed is liability.  If you are buying and selling investment properties, you should consider using a limited liability company.  If used properly, an LLC could help to limit your personal liability for business transactions.

Here are a few of the real estate services provided:

  • Commercial Transactions
  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant
  • Residential Landlord
  • Asset Protection
  • Land Use
  • Title Registrations
  • Residential Transactions